Martha Ballard's Diary, February 17 - 22, 1790

17 4
Cloudy. Foster & Ephm are gone to the meddow. mr Bullin & wife & Betsy Brown, William Haywood, Elisha Bisbe & his Sisters Dind here. Gillbreath helping Cyrus. Hamlin & Burton & yr wives Drank Tea here. my Dagts went to mr Westons. I have been at home till 11h Evn. Doct Williams Sleeps here. I was Calld to See Benn Prescotts wife at Benn [Prescotts].  
18 5
X Birth. Benn Prescotts Son. XX.
a remarcable Pleasant Day. I put mrs Prescott to Bed at 5h 30 m Evn with a fine Son. Shee has been very ill indead, but I left her in hopefull Sircumstance & returnd home at half afler 10. Shuball Pitts here. at Dittoes. Birth 8th. first Born.  
19 6
Clear & very pleasant. I was Calld to See mrs Chamberlin who is Exercisd with pain in her Back & Limbs. I went to See mrs Savage allso. mrs Bolton was there. my girls washt. I was at mr Chamberlins & Savages.  
20 7
Clear & very Pleasant. I was again Calld to See mrs Chamberlin. Shee remains very much Exercised with pain. I adminestred a Clyster which gave great relief. I went to See mrs Bolton; dind there. I finisht footing a pair of Stockins for Polly Town. I have livd to See 55 years this day. I was at mr Chamlns. this is my BirthDay; 55 years old.  
21 C
Cloudy day, Snow at Evn. I have been to See mrs Chamberlin; find her a little Easier. at Ditoes.  
22 2
Clear part of ye Day. I went to mrs Westons; spent ye aftn & ye Evng at mr Craggs. mr Ballard Came there and acompanied me home. at mr Westons & mr Craggs.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.