Martha Ballard's Diary, January 26 - February 2, 1790

26 3
Clear morn. Cloudy & Snowd Evn. I went to the hook; Bot at mr Arnals 3-1/2 yds made a 7/6 yd, 2 Skeins Silk @ /6; paid 25/7. Clarrisa went to Foots. Jos Foster to work here. the Girls makeing Hannah a rappa. Shee hurt her foot & fainted. Epm had his new Shoes. I went to ye hook.  
27 4
A Snow Storm. Clarrissa Came from Foots. I have been at home kniting. at home.  
28 5
Clear & very Pleasant. Clarrissa went home; my Girls to mr Hamlins. at home.  
29 6
X Birth. Moses Sewalls Son. XX.
Clear & very Cold. I was Calld to Moses Sewalls wife in travil at 1 h morn. Shee was Delivrd at 4 of a Son. I Left her Cleverly after Dinner. receivd 1 lb Chocolat & 1/2 lb Tea. he paid 2/8 at Arnals Store for me. at mr Sewalls. Birth 3d
30 7
Clear & very pleast. I was at mr Savages; finisht footing a pair of worsted hoes. at mr Savages.  
31 C
Clear & very pleast. my Girls went to Savage Boltons at Evn. mr Fields Came to Dr Colmans house to liv. at home.  
1 2
a Snow Storm. Shee is unwell. my Girls went to mr Pollards. at Savages.  
2 3
X Birth. Isaac Savagess Son. XX.
Clear. I was Calld to Savages Early ys morn. Shee was Delivrd of a Son at 3 h Evn. I tarried all night. Doct Whitaker & Son Slept here. his hors fell down Bank, our men helpt him up again. at mr Savages. Birth 4th

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.