Martha Ballard's Diary, January 7 - 11, 1790

7 5
Snow Last night. Clear day Except a little Snow aft. Clear Evn. I have been at home Doubleing yarn & Sewing. Dolly finisht weaving my web for under Coats, 15-1/4, yesterday put in a piece for Savage Bolton; this day Cotten warp. I was at home.  
8 6
Snowd this morn. Cleard of before noon. mr Ballard went to the meddow with Foster & Ephm, from there to mr Foots & Brot home 5 pecks of wheat which Jobe Springer left there for my asisting his wife in Travil Novr 5, 1786. I have been at home; finisht makeing an apron for my Self & Sewd on my Cotten Shirts. Son Town Came here; informs that his Dear Babe fell on the hand iron & Burnt its face. Sherebh is a little more Comfortable. I have been at home. Elijah Davis returnd fm Boston. Son Town Came here. Luke Barton Cutt his knee.  
9 7
Snowd all day. Hannah wove two Ragg Coverleds, I finisht makeing a Cottne Shift for my Self. we killd 5 Chickens. mrs Hannah Thompson went Past here going to mr Williamss. I have been at home.  
10 C
Clear & Cold. mr Town went from here. I am informd that the Revd mr Moore Preacht at ye hook ys Day. mr Savage, his Broth & mr Green here at Evng. I have been at home. Son Town Left here.  
11 2
Clear foren, Cloudy aftn. Snowd at Evn. I have been at home. my girls washt & Scourd ye East & Bed rooms floars. Capt Nichols, Reuben Moore & Eley Ballard Dind here. mr Ballard went to ye hook; Bot 12 lb of Butter, Some pepper & Ginger. Sally White Sent me 6/ for attending her in travil June 21st 1789. I have been at home, [Scd]. Isaac Savage brot me a fire pan, tongs & pokr; price 12/.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.