Martha Ballard's Diary, November 11 - 17, 1789

11 4
Clear & pleasant. I have been at home picking wool. mrs Burtin here going to mr Hamlins. my Girls went there at Eving. the widdow Ballard of Varsalboro here. I am informd that mr Richardson has hurt his Sholder & returnd home. mr Braley & Sons here makeng Shingles. at home.  
12 5
Clear & pleast. mr Richardson here, informs mr Ballard was well yesterday. I have been at home, quilld for Dolly. Shee drew her web into ye Slay & wove 4 yds. Robbins Came here. at home.  
13 6
Cloudy day, rain at night. I have been at home, wound 15 Skeins of Cotten yn on quills. mr Guile here, mr Vahn also. Colo North finisht ye Bridg. at home. raind at Evng
14 7
Clear & very Pleasant. I have been at home, wound 16 Skeins on quills. two men & a Boy Sleep by our fire ys night. mr Crage Crosst ye Bridg with a load of hay ys day. it was very light in ye North, Streams of red; it Extended almost all over the whole Hemisphere. at home. mr Crage of winthrop Lost his mills byfire ys night.  
15 D
Clear & pleasant day, Cloudy Eving. my Girls went to Savages. at home.  
16 2
Cloudy. I have been at home, wound 18 Skeins on quills. Hannah went to mr Woodwards. Old Lady Bolton here. at home.  
17 3
Clear & pleasant. I wound 4 Skeins & went to See Capt Sewalls Lady who is unwell. I tarried there all night. Doct Coney was Calld to mr Densmores at Varsalboro, to his wife in travil. at Capt Sewalls.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.