Martha Ballard's Diary, November 4 - 10, 1789

4 4
X. Birth of mr Palmars Son. XX.
Snowd. mrs Palmar was Safe Delivrd at ye 5th hour morn of a Son which wd 10 lb, her Sixth Son & 7th Child. I went to mr Sherburns & Bot 1/2 lb of Snuff, returnd to mr Densmores at 5 Evn. he Conducted me home at Evng. I found my famely all well. Son Town here. at mr Palmars. 35th Birth. Snowd.  
5 5
Cloudy. mr Ballard Set out again on his Business of Surveying. I have been at home. mr Learned Dind. I gave up the ayder against Saml Sinclear, not Satisfied. I was at home.  
6 6
Cloudy. Son Town Left here. Sherebiah Dind here. Hannah gone to mr Hamlins to Spool a webb for Shirting. at home.  
7 7
Cloudy. Carded for ye Girls to Spin. Dolly warpt a piece. at home.  
8 D
Clear & pleast. mr Howard yt has been Sick Came here. I have moovd part of the Corn, it was like to Spoile. at home.  
9 2
Cloudy. I have been Sorting Corn. Shere Town here to Breakfast. mr Howard Drank Tea, my Girls washt. Polly Savage here. Jona Turnd off Boards. at home.  
10 3
Cloudy & rain. Revd mr Foster here. I have been at home. Borrowed 6 lb & 13 oz of muttun of mr Andrews & receivd Candles I lent him. I have Since paid for ye muttun in Beefe. at home. rain.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.