Martha Ballard's Diary, October 23 - 29, 1789

23 6
Clear. I went to See Polly Savage. Shee had a pain in her Stomach. Hannah wove 8 yds, got her web out, 39-[ ] yds, Seven of it Son Towns. I was at mr Savages. 24, a rainy night. I was at home.  
24 7
I was at home. I was at home.  
25 D
Snowd this morn. the Ground was Coverd the depth of 4 inches. the Sun Shone pleast the most of the Day. Cloudy at Evn. Hannah was unwell this Day. at home. A Snow.  
26 2
a Cloudy, misty Day & rainy night. I have Carded Cottin & knit some. Polly Savage warpt a piece of worsted here. my Girls Spun 23 Double Skeins & wove 29 3/2 yds last weak & did the hous work besides. I have been at home. a rain.  
27 3
Snow & rain all day. the North Side of our Seller fell in last night. I have Carded for Hannah, & Dolly to Spin & knitt some. Mr Sanford here, made me a present of 1/2 bushl of apples. I have been at home. Snow & rain.  
28 4
Snowd this morn, Clear aftern. mr James Hinkly Sent 6/ to mr Ballard by Joseph White for which I gave a receipt. mr Whitaker Supt here, his hors put up, he Sleeps here. I finisht kniting Ezra Towns Stockins & Carded Some Cotten. I have been at home. Snow  
29 5
Clear foren, Cloudy aft. my Girls washt. I Carded Cotten. Danl Robbins & Wilm Haywood Sleep here. Son Town famely are well. Nathan Haywoods wife was Delivd of a Dagt ye [ ]th inst. I have been at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.