Martha Ballard's Diary, October 18 - 22, 1789

18 D
Birth Densmores Son.
Cloudy. mrs Densmore Delivd of a Son at 1 h morn. I left them Cleverly & returnd at ye 8th h. feel much fatagud, have not Slept but little Since Thurs day night. I Came from mr Densmors went to Bed & got a little Sleep. was Calld to up to go and See mrs Wall. I went & find her very ill indead. I returnd in ye Eving, was much fatagud. my Girls at Hamlins. At Ditoes. 34th. at mr Walls.  
19 2
Cloudy. I went to See mrs Wall, find her a little revivd. I Carried Some wool to mrs Woodward to Come, the Bag & wool wd 7 lb. I made a Syrrip for mrs Wall after I Came home. Polly Savage here, Drank Tea. I was at mr Walls. I had 3 lb Butter at Savage Bolton which was my Due for Servis Done.  
20 3
Clear. I made a Syrrip for mrs Densmore. Hannah is weaving, the other girls washing. I hear that the wife of Danl Savage junr departed this Life yesterd morn & is to be interd this afternn. I went to mr Densmores, his wife is poorely, her milk is Cuming. I Came home at Dusk, there were two men Sleep here, had horses pastured. I was at mr Densmore. [Funeral] of mrs Savage. Wm Hewen Son Born 19th inst.  
21 4
Cloudy morn, Clear at noone. I Spun Cotten & quilld for Hannh. Polly Savage Bakeing Pies here. we are informd that Capt Rheed is Cast away on his return from Europ. Savage Bolton and his wife were taken with a warrent for Breaking the Sabath. I was at home.  
22 5
Clear. Hannah wove 6 yds, Dolly did house work & Spun 2 Skeins of Linning, Hanh 14 knotts Cotten. I quilld & knitt. mr Wall informs his wife is a little Easier. at home. Colo North Began to Build a Bridg [over] the Pond.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.