Martha Ballard's Diary, October 12 - 18, 1789

12 2
Birth John Cumings 5th Son & 7th Child. XX.
Cloudy & rain. I was Calld about 12 O Clok morn to John Cumings. Arivd at 2, found his wife Safe Delivrd of a Son which wd 11 lb., tarried till 6. Came home alone, arivd at 8, receivd 6/ in Butter & Chees for my trouble now & at other time. Esqr Coney took Breakfast here, mr Church Dinner. mr Ballard left home at 3 Pm on the Business of Surveying. I am informed that A woman at Winthrop fell in the fire & Burnt her to Such a Degree that Shee soon Expird, & a Girl on ye night of ye 8th inst fell in to the fire allso, & her Life is not Expected. on the morn of ye 8 inst. mr Danniel Savages Junr oldest Son was Scolt very much. at John Cumings, Winthrop. the woman namd Perry, account of accident at Winthrop & Hallowell.  
13 3
X. Birth William Stones Dagt. XX.
Clear & pleast. I was Calld at ye 8th hour morn to See mrs Stone, Shee was Safe Delivrd at 5 pm of a Dagt. I returnd home at ye 10th h Evn. Left my patient as well as Could be Expected. this is her 2 Child, thee Child wd 8-3/4 lb. at mrs Stones. 33d. receivd my fee Nov. 6th 1790.  
14 4
Cloudy. mr Whealor took Boards from our mill. Jon a killd a Swine for us this morn. mr Savage, Wall, Whelor & a man that was with him Breakfasted here. I went to Phillip Norcorss, Calld at mr Densmores, tarried ye night. at mr Norcorss & Densmores.  
15 5
a rainy Day. I was at mr Densmores. Shee is unwell. at Densmrs
16 6
rainy. at Dittoes. Charls Webber ataitching peoples Efects on acount of what mr Foster owes him. at Ditos.  
17 7
at mr Densmores, his wife in travil. her women were Calld this Evng. at Ditos.  
18 D
Birth Densmores Son.
Cloudy. mrs Densmore Delivd of a Son at 1 h morn. I left them Cleverly & returnd at ye 8th h. feel much fatagud, have not Slept but little Since Thurs day night. I Came from mr Densmors went to Bed & got a little Sleep. was Calld to up to go and See mrs Wall. I went & find her very ill indead. I returnd in ye Eving, was much fatagud. my Girls at Hamlins. At Ditoes. 34th. at mr Walls.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.