Martha Ballard's Diary, October 3 - 7, 1789

3 7
X. Birth John Goffs Dagt & first Child. XX.
Clear. mrs Jackson & mrs Stickney went home. I Slept an hour this morn. mrss Goffs illness increast & Shee was Safe Delivrd at 11h & 30M morn of a Dagt. her marm, mrs Bullin, mrs Ney were my asistants. mrs Jacson Came back at 1h PM. I returnd home at 6 aftn, find mr Ballard returnd from his tower of Surveying yesterdy. mr Bullin, from the West wd informs me Colo Thompson, of Bilrica, has Buried his only Child. mr Burtin & wife here. at mr Goffs. his first Grand Child Born.  
4 D
Cloudy, wind SE. I have been at home, pikt green peas in our gardin. Josh Sinclear brot us a barril of herrin, Smokt. my Girls went to mr Hamlins at Evng, Hannah tarries there. a rainy night. I have been at home.  
5 2
a rainy Day. I Combd 7 lb of flax for my Self & 4 for Cyrus. mr Ballard went to Capt Coxes. Hannah is at mr Hamlins. Polly Savage here, Drank Tea. mr Savage returnd Jonas hors which he rode to Green. I am informd there was a man Drowned in Joness Eddy, who Came pasengr from Boston with Capt Howard. I have been at home. receivd 1/2 Bushel of rie of Capt Hersey as reward for asisting his Lady.  
6 3
a very rainy day. I Combd flax. mr Ballard went to Esqr Coneys & to Town meeting. thee Sweap of one of the mills got off thee Crank So neither of ym were tended ys night. I have been at home.  
7 4
Clear. Mitty Devenpord Dind. Josha Sinclare & mr Richardson Drank Tea. I finisht Combing my flax, had 10 lb Tear. my Girls washt. I have been at home. it is 12 years Sence I Left Oxford.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.