Martha Ballard's Diary, September 24 - 28, 1789

24 5
Clear & pleast. a mr Voce, at the hook, Cutt his throat ys morn. mrs Woodwd here, gave me two pumpkins & a half. We receivd Letters; mr Ballard one from Doct Barton, I one from Broth Collins, Hannah 1 from Doct Waters, another fm hr Aunt, Parthena 2 fm hr Parents informing they are well. I was at home. Gillbth hr. Dolly went to mr Hamlins to weav Cyruss Cloath.  
25 6
A foggy morn, Clear ye middle of ye Day, Cloudy Evn. Gillbreath helpt Cyrus. I had a pair of new Shoes brot home ys Evn, made by Foster. I was at home.  
26 7
Clear & very warm, both day & Evin. Light in ye north. I gatherd green Peas & Beens ys day. Revd mr Foster here. I have been at home.  
27 D
Clear foren, Cloudy aftern. I was Calld to See Genny Coy who is unwell at mr Kennadys. Shee is freequently Exercised with pain of which are ocationed by obstructions. I advised to the use of particellar herbs &C. mr Bartun & wife here at Evn. I was at mr Kennady.  
28 2
X. Birth mr Shaws Second Dagt. XX.
A very rainy night past & morn. I was Calld up at ye 4th hour to go to Shaws at the hook. walkt as far as mr Wsns, from there by water. was very wet indead. found the woman Safe Delivd by the help of mrs Cleark. I tarried till Evn tide then Came up by water as far as mr Westons, then walkt home ward to the Crick. Could not pass, the water was so much raisd. I went Back and tarried at mr Westons. I was at Shaws at the hook. mrs Shaw Delivd of a Dagt at ye 3d hour. Decemr 19th, mr Shaw Sent me 1-1/2 lb Chocolat & 5 lb Sugar as a reward for my trouble.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.