Martha Ballard's Diary, September 19 - 24, 1789

19 7
Clear. mr Dexter & Haywood took Breakfast here. revd mr Foster been here. I have been at home. my Girls Broke wool. Cyrus went to pitts ton and got his debt which was Due from Edmon Allin, bot [5] lb Sugar & a piece of tape for me. at home.  
20 D
Clear & pleasant. I was Calld by mr Med Calf to See mrss Sherburn who is in travil. Shee was Siesd with her illness at ye 3d h morn. mrs Cleark, Md Calf, Ney, Hollowell & mrs Sewall there. I was at mr Sherburns.  
21 2
Clear & very pleast. I was at mr Sherburns. Capt Brown Calld his Company together. my patient very ill till the 4th hour m. at Dittoes.  
22 3
X. Birth mr Sherburns Dagt. XX.
Clear & very pleasant. mrs Sherburn was Safe Delivrd at 3 h & 30 M morn of a Dagt. I took a nap of Sleep which was the first since Satterday night. receivd 3/ in Bread & Snuff which, with the flower I had when there before, rewards me for my asisting her. returnd home at ye 11th hour. at Ditoes. mr Pond let me have 4 lb Butter.  
23 4
Clear & very pleasant. I went over the river, was at Colo Howards, Doct Colmans and Joseph Fosters, find ym all well. mrs Woodwd here, gave me Some pumpkin. I was at Fort Western.  
24 5
Clear & pleast. a mr Voce, at the hook, Cutt his throat ys morn. mrs Woodwd here, gave me two pumpkins & a half. We receivd Letters; mr Ballard one from Doct Barton, I one from Broth Collins, Hannah 1 from Doct Waters, another fm hr Aunt, Parthena 2 fm hr Parents informing they are well. I was at home. Gillbth hr. Dolly went to mr Hamlins to weav Cyruss Cloath.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.