Martha Ballard's Diary, August 4 - 12, 1789

4 3
X. Birth Stutely Springers Dagt. XX.
Cloudy & Some rain. I was Calld to Stutely Springers wife in travil at ye 4th h morn. Shee was Safe Delivrd of a Dagt at 3 PM. I returnd at ye 7th h, Left my Patient as well as Could be Expected. find mrs Burtun here. I was at mr Springers.  
5 4
Cloudy foren, Clear aftn. I went to mr Savages, mr Ballard to his meddow. at mr Savages.  
6 5
Clear & very warm. I went to See Danniel Savages wife. Shee is a little more Comfortable. my Dagt Hannah is 20 years old this Day. I was at Capt Savages.  
7 6
Clear & very hott. I have been at home. Dicky Complains of being unwell.   
8 7
Clear & very hott. mrs Cowen here. mr Levy Moore & wife Dind. mrs Emerson & Dagt Sleep here. mr White from Boston & Burten here ys Evn. I have been at home. at home.  
9 D
Clear & very hott. mrs Emerson & Dagt here. mr Bullin here at noone. Burtun & wife here. I have been at home. at home.  
10 2
Clear Except a sprineling of rain about noon. I went with mrs Emerson as far as mr Crages, Drank Tea there. was Calld by James Moore to See mrs Shearborn who was very unwell. I tarried all night, gave the Lady Some medisin. Shee Seemd mutch more Comfortable. I left her at 2 h pm & returnd home, find I had a Call to go Elswhere. at mr Crages & mr Sherborns. Calld at Revd mr Fosters. Levy Moore & wife here.  
11 3
Clear. I returnd from Sherbns. thee fire ragd at mr Jacksons, people went from here to asist. at Sherborns.  
12 4
Clear & very hott. mrs Shaw here. mrs Emerson & Dagt Sleep here. I was at home. Esqr Lovjoy & Lady past by. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.