Martha Ballard's Diary, June 7 - 12, 1789

7 D
Clear foren, very warm. mr Learned here. I had roast Veal for Dinner. Showers aftn & Evng. I have been at home. Wall & Jabe Saw this night. I was at home. Hitty Davis [Deld] of a Son. mrsWinslow oprt
8 2
Clear morn, Showers aftn with thunder. mr Learned took 4m 400 Boards from here, Sleeps here ys night. I have been to Doct Colmans & mr Pollards. mrs Blacks Breast like to Break. at mr Pollards & Doct Colmans.  
9 3
Clear morn. mrs Eunice Hodskins here. mr Learned & Doct Whiteaker Sleep here. I have been at home. Revd mr Foster is removd from mr Thwings to the house where Joseph Williams formerly livd. friend Taber takeing Spruce Boards from this mill on Sherebah Towns acount, ys Eving. I wrote to my Dagt Hannah by mr Learned & Deliverd him 24/ to Carrie her to purchace things at Bostn. I have been at home, wrote to my Dagt Hannah. Ephraim went to School. Benn Porters wife Been here.  
10 4
Cloudy & rain. Dot Whitaker left here very Early, mr Learned also at 1h pm, the Later Bound for Boston on Board Capt Agerys. Dolly & Polly Cleaning house to Day. I was at home. mr Learned left here.  
11 5
A very rainy Day. James Springer & Anderson Taylor tend mill ys night. I have been at home.  
12 6
Cloudy morn, Clear aftn. Daniel Robbins & marshfield Came here. Agustus Ballard & Sally Weber here, Betsy Brown & Polly Pettingil allso. mr True & mr Savage tend one Saw ys Day & night. Luke Barton here, informs yt my Dagt Town is not much Better. I have been at home & Cleand yn

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.