Martha Ballard's Diary, May 31 - June 2, 1789

31 D
Clear & Cold. Doct Whitaker preacht in the meeting house. mr Ballard attended fore noone, was So Lame he was oblidged to Ly on the Bed aftn. Clarrissa Barton here. Dolly & Shee attended worship aftn. I had pork & Veal & Greens for Dinner. Esqr Howard Dind here. I went to See Nr Savage, he is mending. I was at Nr Savages. Polly Wale Came here to work for me the weak insuing. a frost ys morn.  
1 2
Clear. I was Calld to See Polly Savage. Shee has an inflamation in her head & her throat Sore. we aplid a Blister to her arm & I returnd; went onto ye bed, was very unwell the ramainder of ye Day. mr Ballard went as far as mr Walls to See his Coalt, Lost a note after he past mr Andrews. Daniel Robbins Sleeps here. I applyd a poltis of Basswd to Manlys foot, it being Sweld. I was at Nr Savages. a frost. mr Ballard began to plant.  
2 3
Clear & Cool. I Drest manlys wound, aplyd an Egg Cataplasm & Scraped horn. I feel a little more Comfortable my Self. I went down street, Calld at mr Savages. they are mending at mr Pollards, mrs Blacks Brest is soar. at mr Westons, his Lady is unwell. a woman by the name of Robbins informs She Saw Son Town last Lords Day, at mr Richardsons with his Dear Inft. mrs Grant has taken it to giv it Suck, & his wife is a little revivd. I was at mr Savages, mr Pollard & mr Westons, & mr Craggs. A very great Frost ys morn.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.