Martha Ballard's Diary, May 23 - 26, 1789

23 7
my Child is mending but has no use of her hipps & leggs. mrs Haill Came & gave the poor Babe Suck. Sally Dexter watcht. I had rest. at Ditoes. a frost ys morn.  
24 D
A fine, pleast Day. Lucy Can bare mooving a little better. Sherebiah is gone for the wido Williams to Come nurse her. Hannah Blossom Carried the babe to Suck. mrs hale, mr Ebenz Haills wife, here fore nn & gave it Suck. its mammy has not but very little for it. her appetite is a little better. Biah mett my Son, Cyrus, & returnd, mrs Eunice watcht ys night. at Ditoes. a frost ys morn.  
25 2
A fine Day. mr Town & Cyrus Sett out at 8 ys morn. Lucy has been very weak & Low, her feaver Beat up again & her Left Legg Swells. my hopes are almost vanisht. I aplied a Blister to the Legg affected. I asisted Polly Stackpoole in takeing Care of her ys night. I gave the Babe Senna & Rhubarb. at Ditoes. a frost ys morn. Capt Abram Pages wife had a Son Born 26th inst.  
26 3
Clear & Pleast. my Dagt Seems a little revivd ys morn. I thought proper to give a gentle potion of Senna, the Babe is very uncom. at Dos. Parthena Barton Came here this day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.