Martha Ballard's Diary, May 17 - 22, 1789

17 D
Showers. my Dagt had a very high feaver fitt & Swet very much at Evn. I watcht [   ]. at Ditoes.  
18 2
Lucy had an ague & then a severe feaver folowd. at Ditoes.  
19 3
Clear. mrs Howard & mrs Dexter to see my Dagt. Shee had an ague & feaver fitt & is reduced very Low, her Babe Exercised with much pain. I feel some fatagud, I am informd that mr Piper & one of his Children were Drownd, his wife & another Escaped with Life. at Ditoes. Piper & Child Drownd. Seth Wilms wife Deld of a Dagt.  
20 4
rainy. Lucy is very ill, the infant a little Easyer. mrs Stackpool Came here & watcht. I rose but three times this night. a frost. at Ditoes. mrs [Bijes] Delvd of a Son.  
21 5
my Dagt is very ill indeed. mr Town & I took Care of her. at Ditoes. a frost.  
22 6
Lucy is a little better, but very Low. Sherebiah went for ye Doct yester day but he did not Come, but Sent Some Castor Niter & Stomach Bitters. mrs Stackpole & mrs Howard watcht this night. I got a nights rest, the first Since I Came here. at Ditoes. a frost ys morn.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.