Martha Ballard's Diary, May 12 - 16, 1789

12 3
X. Birth Capt Herseys Dagt. XX.
Clear Except a Shower. I was Calld Early ys morn to See Capt Herseys Lady. Shee was unwell, her women were Calld aftern, & Shee was Safe Delivrd at 7h 30m PM of a Dagt. her sixth Child, 4 of ym Sons. I tarried all night, mrs Savage & mrs Voce also. I was at Capt Herseys. I Lamed my footgoing over the Crick.  
13 4
Clear. I Came from Capt Herseys at ye 9th h, Left his Lady as well as Could be Expected. I Calld to See mr Blacks inft, find it much better. Came home at ye 12h. mr Learned here. Parthena Came home from mr Faughts, all well there. at Capt Herseys & mr Pollards, & mr Westons.  
14 5
Clear weather & Cool. old Lady Bolton & mrs Hamlin here. mr Ballard with the others appointed to Divide the Estate of the Late James Howard Esqr. Jona is gone to asist mr Livermore raise a House fraime. I have been at home. I was at home.  
15 6
Clear & pleast. Son Town Came for me to go & see his wife, Shee being in a very distrest Situation. we left our house after 1 h pm, arivd at his at 7. we find my Dagt a little revivd. mrss Stackpool and Dexter there. I watcht. her Feaver was high thro the night. I went to Son Towns.  
16 7
A very rainly day. Doct Williams Came to See my Dagt, says her feaver is at ye [                                ] the infant Distrest with pain at Evng. at Ditoes.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.