Martha Ballard's Diary, March 26 - 31, 1789

26 5
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard at mr Pollards. I was Calld there to See mrs Black. Shee had an ill turn, her milk is Cuming. I returnd at night, left her more Comfortable. Daniel Robbins Sleeps here. I was at mr Pollards.  
27 6
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard been to Capt Enoch Pages. Jona halling loggs to ye mill. Robbins workt here. I have been Combing flax. Revd mr Foster here. have bn at home.  
28 7
Clear morn, Cloudy aft. mr Ballard went to Andw Goodings for pork, his hors fell thro the ice at ye hook. Cyrus went to Colo Duttuns for potatoes. Jona killd his Swine, it wd 243 lb. mrs Savage here. I have been at home. I have been at home. rain.  
29 D
rainy morn, Clear aftern. Burtun, Haughton & Polly Savage here. I have been at home.  
30 2
X. Birth mr Arnals Son. XX.
Clear & pleast. I was Calld at 2h morn to See mrs Arnall at ye hook. Shee was Safe Delivrd of a fine Son, that wd 10 lb 2 oz, at ye 4 h. I returnd 8. Left all Cleverly, receivd 6/ as a reward. mr Georg Brown informd me that Capt Smiths wife had 2 Children Born Last night, they are dead. I was Calld at mid night to See mrs Hamlin, found her very ill. I wrode the hors which Hannah Hadskins had here. at mr Arnals. Hannah Hadskin Sleeps here. Snows ys Evng. Ephm is 10 years old. at mr Hamlins.  
31 3
Birth Hamlins Dagt. XX.
Clear & very pleast. mrs Hamlin Safe Delivrd at the 5th H morn of a Dagt, wd 9 & 3/4 lb. I left her Cleverly & returnd at 5 PM. Clarrissa Came there. Parthena tarries ys night. at mr Hamlins.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.