Martha Ballard's Diary, March 20 - 25, 1789

20 6
Clear & pleast. mrs Hamlin is more Comfortable. I left her at ye 9th Hm, was Calld at half after 10 to See Magr Stickneys Son who is unwell. returnd at 1h 30m Evn & went again to mrs Hamlins. find her much Better. Rheuben Moores famely here on thier way to Pittstown. at Dit[os] & mr Jacksons.  
21 7
Clear & Cool. mr Ballard went to Colo Duttuns. Polly finisht my work & I paid her all I owd hr. Shee & my Girls went to mr Westons. they were informd that Cate Scott was pregnant. I have been at home. Polly Bisbee finishd my work & receivd her wages.  
22 D
Cloudy the most of ye Day. Capt Enoch Page & his Lady here afternn. Polly Bisbe went home. Jona atended her. Moses Pollard here for herbs & medisin for mr Hodges Child. I have bn at home. Snowd at Evn.  
23 2
Clear & Cold. mrs Chamberlin & Levina Savage here. Dolly workt for mrs Hamlin. I have been at home this Day. Calld at ye 11h Evn to mrs Black who is in Travil & was very ill. at mr Pollards.  
24 3
X. Birth mr Blacks Dagt. XX.
Clear weather. mrs Black was Safe Delivrd of a fine Daughter at 5h & 57m morn. I returnd at 6h Evn. Sherebiah Town and James Stackpoole here, informs that Patty Town had been very unwell, but is mending. the rest of ye famely are well. mrs Hodg had a fitt at her Dadys. at mr Pollards. receivd 6/ for Servis Done there. 
25 4
Cloudy part of ye Day, a little rain. mr Town & Stackpl Dind then Sett out for home. I wrote to Lucy. mr Ballard gone to mr Smileys. mr Bisbee drank Tea here. I finisht Dollys Stockins and began Cyruss. I wrote to Dagt Town; was at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.