Martha Ballard's Diary, March 11 - 15, 1789

11 4
XX. Birth mr Andws Dagt. XX.
Cleard. mrs Savage here. Shee & I Reckond & Setled. I fall in her debt /6. mr Ballard been to Andw Goodins for molases & Colo Duttuns for Potatos. Polly Savage here. I was Calld to See mrs Andrews at 5th H pm. Shee was Safe Delivrd at 8 & 30 M Evn of a Daugter. I returnd at 12 percisely by our time piece. Left my patients Cleverly. my famely ws in Bed when I returnd. mrs Savage & I Setled. at mr Andrews.  
12 5
Over Cast part of ye Day. I Combd flax & went to mr Andrewss & mr Hamlins. mr Ballard went to mr Pollards on public Business. I was at mr Andws & Hamlins.  
13 6
Clear & very pleasant. mr Ballard is gone to Thos Smyles. I have been at home till near Sun Sett when Calld to mr Andross, his infant was Siesd with fitts at 11 ys morn. I tarried all Night, Sally Chamberlin also. I was at mr Andross
14 7
Clear & Cold. the infant Expired at 5h 30M Morn. I put on the grave Cloaths, went to mr Hamlins and then returnd. Augustus Ballard, Ephm Cowen, his wife & Lefe Savage, & mr Soal of winslow Dind here. the Latter informs that my friends at Oxford were all well ye 23 ult. I was at mr Andross, his infant Expird. We receivd News from Oxford.  
15 D
Clear & Cool. the Girls went to funeral of the infant above mentioned. it was interd Before they arivd. I was at home all day. I was at home. Funeral of mr Andrewss infant.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.