Martha Ballard's Diary, February 26 - March 1, 1789

26 5
X. Birth of mr Jacob Chandlers Dagt, Born Dead. XX.
Clear. I am very unwell with a pain in my Neck & Shoulder. Jacob Chandler here, informd his wife has fitts & he wisht for me to go & See her. the young people Left here, went to Capt Danl Smiths. mr Pollard Calld me to his Dagt, Chandler, at 5h 30M Evng. we arivd at 7h 30m. She was Deld at ye 9th hour of a Dagt, Still Born, & Seems more Comfortable. I Sett up & tended her with her Marm. Shee Seemd revivd in ye morn. at mr Chandlers.  
27 6
Clear. mr Pollard & I left his Dagt as Comfortable as Coold be Expected. She had not any fitts while I was there. the Docters have hopes of her recovery. I Came home at 2 aft. found Sherebiah Town & mrs Eunice Stagpole here, they Left my Childn well. at Ditoes. mr Pollard gave me 6/ for my trouble.  
28 7
Clear & Cold. I am informd ys Evn yt mrs Chandlers fitts were returnd & Shee was thougt Dangerous. at home.  
1 D
Snowd ys morn, Clear Evn. Benn Savages wife & her Broth Supt here. I hear mrs Chandler is no Better. at home. Snowd.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.