Martha Ballard's Diary, January 6 - 10, 1789

6 3
Clear. Dolly & Clarrissa washt. mr Ballard went to Collect Rates. I was at Revd mr Fosters & mr Westons. Jona is unwell. Parthena is Better, Ephm also. I Calld at mr Daviss & left 3/ for mrss Anne Davis, it being all that was Due to her for a Cloak I had of her. at Revd Fosters & other Neighbrs
7 4
Clear & Cold. Cyrus Conducted Clarissa home in mr Pollards Sleigh. mr Ballard went to mr Livermores to See about the Expince of Polly whealors Sickness there & funeral Charges. his Bill was L 4=18/. Shee was here 14 Days. I attended her with Nursing & Some medicin. mr Ballard Spint 2 Days providing a place & mooving her. went to inform her Father of her Death. our Bill was 16/, mr Pages 8/. I was at home. Clarrissa left here. Parthena is Better, Jona also.  
8 5
Snowd foren, Sun Shine aft, Cloudy Evn. mr Ballard been Surveying for Colo Duttun. I have been at home. I have been at home. Snow.  
9 6
Clear & Cold part of ye Day, a little Snow. I have been at home, finisht knitting Cyrus a pair of Stockins. I was at home. Snow.  
10 7
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard at Colo Norths Setling with the meeting hous Committee. I have been at home part of ye day. was Calld to See Nancy Savage aftn, Left her Some tinct of Alloes, 1-1/2 oz, prs 1/X. Hannah Fletcher Deld of a Son 8 inst

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.