Martha Ballard's Diary, December 20 - 25, 1788

20 7
Clear. mr Ballard been over halling writeings. I have been mending Cyruss Breaches. there has been many people in here this Day. Jona been to the hook. the Girls Baked. I was at home.  
21 E
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard & others went to the house of worship but were not Suferd to Enter. then went to Revd mr Fosters, had liberty at mr Thwing for mr Foster to preach in his house; his Text was Geneses 3d Chap 8th vers, mr Ballard has been to mr Livermores this Evn. Polly Whealor is very Low & his infant is very Sick also. I have been at home. wido Wilms Sleeps here. mr Crage was Married. wido Wilms Sleeps here.  
22 2
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard & the other Gentlemen who are the meeting house Committee mett at Colo Norths to Settle that Business. I went to mr Livermores. Polly is Decaying; his infant is unwell. wido Williams Came there at Eving. my Girls washt & washt the room. mr Page Supt here. mr Ballard wrote a note for Eliphelet Robbins against Daniel of 10 Dollars. I went to mr Livermores.  
23 3
Snowd, morn is Cold. I have been makeing Candles, 23 Doz. I hear Polly is no better. at home.  
24 4
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard went to magr Goodins. Calld to See Polly Whealor. Shee is no Better, the infant is. I have been at home. Danl Bolton & his wife Dind here. we made Some mins Pies. there was a Sleigh over Sett a Cuming down the hill abov our house. I have been at home. Stephen Dudly of Winthrp frz his hands this night.  
25 5
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard went to Doct Coneys. I have been at home; finisht Parthena a pair of Stockins. Shee & Dolly went to mr Hamlins, Jona to Capt Agrys. mr Savage & wife here. at home. Christmas.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.