Martha Ballard's Diary, November 17 - 23, 1788

17 2
Clear. I have been at home. the Girls have been to mr Bisbes & Westons. wido Williams Sleeps here. Wilm Haywood, Burton, Polly & Lidia Bisbee here. I Bot a Broome of mr Briggs. I was at home.  
18 3
Cloudy, Snowd at Eving & raind. I went to mr Savages & helpt get Polly up & Drest her Babe. the girls went in ye Evng. mrs Williams Sleeps here. Wlm Stone Left a M of Shingles with mr Barton on my acount. I was at mr Savages. Snow.  
19 4
Clear. the Counsel Sett at the meeting house. Jona killd a Cow for revd mr Foster. mrs Bullin Sleeps here. I have been at home. I was at home
20 5
Cloudy & rain. I went to mr Pollards to heare what was Laid before the Revd. Counsil Examine Eveidnces against Revd mr Foster. I was Calld to See Polly Savage who had a Pain in her Stomach & Side. w [sic] gave her Some Feaver fue Tea & Shee was Easier very Soone. I was at mr Pollards & Savages.  
21 6
Clear. I attended at Counsil to hear the Evidences Examind. Margarett Fox gave a very Contirary Evidencd Concerning her working on ye Sabath from what Shee Did when Calld in the Cause of Capt Sewalls Defameing the Revd mr Foster. I was at mr Pollard & at mr Benn Dexter & his Sister Sleep here.  
22 7
Clear & pleast. our Men raisd the Slip of ye mill. I have been at home. Gillbh & ye wido Wilms Sleep here. I have been at home.  
23 E
X. Birth of Magr Sticknys Son & first Child. XX.
Clear morn, Cloudy aft. I attended worship. Revd mr Brow Williams preacht foren from the first of John 2nt 6 verse [  ]. Revd mr mc Lain aft frm Jobe 34 & 31.32. the result of ye Counsel was red. I went home with mr Jackson, his Dagt Stickney was Delivd at ye 11h Evn of a Son. at meeting & at mr Jacksons. Put mrs Stickney to Bed. receivd 12/ of ye Magr. Snowd.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.