Martha Ballard's Diary, November 9 - 16, 1788

9 E
Clear & pleast. I did not attend worship. Parthena went to mr Foots. Shee lost her pockett. James Springer found it & brot it here. wido Williams & her Sister Charlotte here at Eving. I have been at home.  
10 2
Clear & Cool. Benn Dexter & his Sister Came here, Son Town also. mr Smyle Came to work. I was Calld to Thoms Sewalls to See his Lady. at mr Sewalls. Son Town here.  
11 3
a very rainy Day. Son Town went from here. I was at Ditoes. at Ditoes.  
12 4
X. Birth Thos Sewalls Son. XX.
Clear. I was at mr Sewalls. his Lady Calld me up at 4 ys morn & Sent for her women. Shee was Safe Delivd of a Son at half after Six Eving & I returnd home about 8. Left mother & Child Cleverly. find wido Williams & Polly Savage here. the wind Blod part of our Barn of yesterdy & Damaged many other Buildings in this Town. Killed some Swine. at mr Sewalls. Sally Dexter went from here to winthrop.I receivd 6/ of mr Sewalls.  
13 5
Clear & pleast. I wound 9 Double Skeins of yn on quills & went to mr Westons & replased the Dollar I Borrowd of her the 22nt of last month. mrs North there, Betsy at ye Colon. at mr Westons.  
14 6
Clear. I have been at home about makeing Soap. wido Williams Sleeps here. Dolly receivd a Letter from Hannah of 10 inst by Capt Porter, who left Boston yester day. I was at home. a Letter from Hannah.  
15 7
Clear & pleast. I went to mr Daviss & mr Westons. Dolly gone to mr Hamlins to help Strike a harnis. I was at mr Daviss. mrs Wilms Sleeps here.  
16 E
X. Birth Mary [Lord] Savages Dafter. XX.
Clear. I attended worship aftern & was Calld about the 6th hour Evn to See polly Savage in Travil. Shee was Delivrd at 8. mrs Williams & I Came back to our house 12 & 40m. William Haywood here & Supt. at meeting. & at mr Savages.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.