Martha Ballard's Diary, November 1 - 8, 1788

1 7
Clear foren, Cloudy & some rain aftn. Jona Killd an OX. Parthena Came home. we Cleand a tripe. I have been at home, Did house work & quilld yn. Dolly had a pair of Leathr Shoes brot home. I have [been] at home. mr Savage made me a present of a Logerhead
2 E
Clear & Pleast. I Stayed at home. the rest of ye famely went to meeting. Doct Whitaker performd. mr Ballintine & his wife here all Day & Sleep here. Polly Bisbe here ys Evng. at home.  
3 2
Clear & very pleast. mr Ballard went to Varsalboro. Thomas Haywod went away from here to go home. I have been at home, Tryd Jonas Tallow. at home. The Death of Senter Latter part of the night.  
4 3
Clear morn, Cloudy aftn. mrs Hamlin wound & warpt a peice here. mr Carr here; informed that mr [Ziachers] Senter Departd this Life very sudenlley yesterday. I have been at home, Did hous work. we Breud & finisht Trying Jonas Tallow. at home. mr Loee here.  
5 4
Clear & very pleast. the Girls washt & washt ye floars. I have been at home, Did house work; feel weary. at home.  
6 5
Clear & pleast. I have been at home, did house work & feel much fataugd. the Girls are gone to mr Crages. they are now returnd; informd that Hannah Fletcher has Sworn Shee is with Child by Joseph Fellers. at home.  
7 6
Cloudy & Chilly, raind at Eving. I have been at home. wido Williams sleeps here. Cyrus Bot 1/2 Bushel apples at mr Devnpts. at home. Jona got Snuff.  
8 7
Cloudy. I have been at home; heard yt Capt Agry got to Boston Last monday. Parthena receivd a Letter from her mother of Oct 26th informing they are well & Sister Nabby was Living. we Bakt mins Pies today. at home. wido Wilms Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.