Martha Ballard's Diary, October 23 - 31, 1788

23 5
Hannah Left home atended on board Capt Agrey by Jona, accompanyd by mr Hains Learned to go to Boston; from there to Oxford. we Sent By her 4 m Shingles, 1 Crown & 6 Dollars & a half. may Shee have a prosperous Journey & meet her friends in Safty is ye Desire of her mammy. mrs Hamlin here. Gillbreath here. I have been at home. Hannah Left home at 5h Evin.  
24 6
Cloudy, a Shower & Thunder about 1h pm. mr Ballard went to Pitts Town. the Girls spun some Cottne. I Carded it. have been at home. Gillbh helpt Cyrus pick mill. I was at home.  
25 7
Clear & pleast. I went to mr Wadwards & other Neighbs, met Nathanl Runels who informed yt Capt Agrey went from home this morn. our men have been Raising mill Giers. I went as far as mrs Woodwds.  
26 E
Cloudy. I tarried at home forenn, wrote to Brother Jona Moore; attended public worship aftn. wido Williams Sleeps here. a rainy Evng. Thos Haywad has a pain in his Side. at meeting. I wrote to Brother Jona Moore.  
27 2
Cloudy. I have been at home. mr Bullin here to Clean Some wheat. Parthena & Dolly went to mr Westons. at Evinng a thunder Shower. Cyrus went to Carry Letters to mrs Lois Hinkly to Convey to Rochester & falmath. at home.  
28 3
Clear. the wind NW. I have been at home. mr Bullin here Cleaning wheat. an old Lady Sleeps here. Woodward Allin here; paid me 3/ by reducting So much Due to him from mr Ballard for his Coopar ware. at home. WdWd Allin here.Eliab Shaw Left 1 m of Shingles with Burtun for me.  
29 4
Clear & Cold. mrs Merifue went from here. I have been at home. ye Girls washt. at home. it Snowd.  
30 5
Clear & Cold. Clarisa Barton & Parthena gone to mr Porters at winthrop. mr Ballard been to Town meeting. they have apointed a Counsel. I have been at home. Wido Williams Sleeps here. I wound quills & footed Ephms Stockins. at home. Parthena gone to winthrop.  
31 6
Clear. mrs Williams here all Day. mrs Porter & Polly Bisbe here. Jona Killd an OX. I have been at home; did house work. I was at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.