Martha Ballard's Diary, September 26 - October 4, 1788

26 6
Cloudy. I have been at home; wound quills. Polly Bisbe here. the Girls went to wido Williamss. at home.  
27 7
Clear. mr Ballard went to ye hook. I went on Board Capt Dean & receivd 7/ on Stuley Springers acount which was my Due for atending his wife, & medecin. Daniel Robbins Sleeps here. Dolly Cutt her finger. I was on board Capt Deane. at wido Wilms also.  
28 E
Clear & Pleast. I tarried at home, Dolly also. Clarisa Barton & others here after meeting. my Girls at wido Williamss at Eving. at home.  
29 2
Clear. I went to See mr Childss Son who is unwell. I went as far as mr Edsons. Came home at 2 pm. Broth Moore here. I went afterward to old mr Isaac Savages. Came home at Eving. I Calld at Doct Colmans; his Lady made me a presant of a Cap. at mr Childs. Dolly finished weaving the Check, 39-2/1 [sic] yds. mr Parmers Son at winthrop Expird of a feavor.  
30 3
Cloudy & Some rain. Parthena & Dolly gone to mr Foots, Hannah to Sleep with mrs Williams. I have been at home, Cutt my Camomile.  
1 4
Clear. Parthena & Dolly returnd. mrs Williams here, Spent ye Eving. Hanh & Thena went home wh her. I have been at home, helpt Do house work; boild Cyruss warp, & wido Wimss. at home.  
2 5
Clear. I went to mr Brookss & mr Welches; find his wife not so well as I could wish. Calld at wido Williams. Hannah gone to Sleep there. My Girls washt the flors. I had Sole Leather for a pair of Shoes of mr Welch, price 1/8. I was at mr Brookss
3 6
Clear. I have been at home. Wrote to Broth Jonathan Moore. Jona gone to husking. I was at home. Wrote a Letter to Broth Jona.  
4 7
Cloudy. I was Calld to Revd mr Fosters, his Lady unwell. was Calld to Thoms Hinklys wife in travil at Eving. a Boisterus wind & rain as I was on the way there. arivd Safe. at Revd mr Fosters & Thos Hinkleys.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.