Martha Ballard's Diary, September 9 - 13, 1788

9 3
A Clear day. thee Town mett to hear Revd mr Fosters Proposals but did not Axcept them. Dolly & Parthena went to See mrs Hamlin. mrs Savage here. Shee has Spun 40 Double Skeins for me Since April 15th, and had 2 Bushl of ashess & Some Physic for James, & Dolly wove her 7 yds of Diapor. I let her have 1 Skein of lining warp. the whole is 6/5 X. Town Meeting. I have been at home. mrs Savage here.  
10 4
Clear. mr Voce & Parmer Laying Shingles on our house. we Breud. I went to See wido Williams. Shee is Better. Dolly winding the warp for Check. I was at wido Williamss. Voce here. Clarisa Barton is 18 years old this Day.  
11 5
Cloudy part of ye Day. Cyrus is gone to Gardners mill. he is 32 ys old this day. I have been at home. Dolly warpt a piece for mrs Pollard of 39 yds. I have been at home. Cyrus is 32 years old.  
12 6
Clear. Dolly warpt & drawd in a piece for Check, Laid in 45 yds. I have been at home Kniting. mrs Harris here at Eving. at home.  
13 7
Clear & pleast. we Spread the Diapor out for whitening. I was at wido Williamss. Shee is Some Better. Dolly Sleeps with her. mr Voce & Son here Shingleing ye house. I have been at wido Williamss.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.