Martha Ballard's Diary, July 16 - 23, 1788

16 4
Clear. Theops Hamlin went to hous keeping. Hannah went up with his wife. I Combd flax foren. was Calld to mr Densmoores to See their Children who are unwell. Came back to mr Williamss; tarried all night; he did not rest much. Sally Burton & Martha Kenada here. at Dens[mors] & Wilms. watcht.  
17 5
Clear. I Came home from Wmss at 3h morn; went to Bed & Slept. mr Ballard is returnd from Coart. I combd flax. The girls all went to Thos Hinklys. I went to Wilmss; he is very restless. John North and Eliphelet Robbins watch there. at Wilmss, Doct Welch there.  
18 6
Clear. I Combd flax for Cyrus & was Calld to See Saml Weston who is Sick; his Complaints are Pukeing & Purging; he has Voided 8 worms. we gave him Some Senna & Rhubarb. I Calld to See mr Williams; he Seems more Composed. Polly Cool there. Parthena been to Revd mr Fosters. his Lady gave her a yd ribbon & Sent one to Dolly. at mr Westons & Williamss. mr Ballard to ye hook.  
19 7
Clear. Broth Barton here; took Breakfast. old mrs Cowen Dind. Jabizh workt here. I went to Wilmss at 3h pm; he had a very ill Turn. we were aprehensive he was Expireing, but revivd. I Came home at 10h Evn. Doct Barton Came here at 10h Evn, tarries here. I was at Nr Wilmss
20 E
X. Birth Isaac Hardins Son. XX.
Clear. Doct Barton & others took Breakfast here. I was Calld to Isaac Hardins wife in travil. Calld to mrs Williams to hear from her Husband, he is near Expireing; found mrs Hardn poorly. Shee was Safe Deld of a fine Son at 11h & 1/2 Evn. I tarried all night. at mr Hardins. Smith & [Cloe] Cleark Published.Spoke with mrs Wilms.  
21 2
Clear. I Left mrs Hardin at 5h morn as Cleverly as Could be Expected. Calld at mrs Williamses; find her Husband Expired. mr Flint Barton & mr Hardin Breakfasted here. I went to mrs Williamss & tarried till Eving, but feel very much fatagud. at mrs Williams, her Husband Expird at 3h morn.  
22 3
Clear. Revd mr Foster here, Desird me to go & See his Lady. my Datr, Dolly, is there. mr Hovey brot me 5-1/2 lb of Buller which was Due to me for attending his wife the 3d of March last. I went to See mrs Foster; her Breast is soar and Shee is unwell other ways. I attended Funeral of mr Williams. There were a Larg Concoarse of people; the widdow fainted. I gave her Some Drops & Shee revivd. Gille & True Sleep here. I attended Funeral of Joseph Williams & was at Revd mr Fosters.  
23 4
Clear. mr Ballard Surveying for mr Vahn. I went to see mrs Williams; find her very Disconsolate. Danl Boltons wife & mrs Porter Came there aftn. I Came home. thee Girls gone to help mrs Thomas quillt; returnd at 11h Evng. I was at mrs Williamss, her Babe is no better.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.