Martha Ballard's Diary, July 2 - 7, 1788

2 4
Cloudy. I quilld for Hannah to weave forenn & went to See mr Wilms aftn. We had Six men to work on ye frame. mr Gillbth Sleeps here. at mr Wilms.  
3 5
Cloudy & Showers & thunder. Gillbh Left her. I watch at Fosters. Calld to See Willms. watcht, was at Wmss
4 6
Cloudy. I Came from Fosters; left her very Low. Calld at Wmss; he is Low also; then went to mr Rheds, bt 5 lb Butter & 10-1/2 lb Chees; helpt do hous work the rest of the day. Jabish Cowin here; helpt us to water & wood. we had Six men yesterd & ys Day also. was at Wmss
5 7
a Loury Day. we had five men to work - I went to See mr Williams; he remains much as he was. I was at mr Westons & Capt Porters. mr Thwing had taken a Puke. mr Lois tending him. it is 19 years this Day Since the Death of my Dagt Martha. I was at Wmss
6 E
Cloudy. my Self & Parthena & Dolly tarried at home; we had roast veal for Dinner & Bakt Some Pumpkin pies, mrs Young from Sandy river here. mr Savage & wife Drank Tea here. they have been to See mrs Foster; find her very Low. mr Williams much the Same as he has been. we hear mrs Hains & mrs Pullin are Both like to recover. I have been at home. Son Town was here yesterday, he was after Doct Wilms for Capt Haills Child.  
7 2
Cloudy morn. we raisd the Saw Mill Fraim. mr Marshall & Thomas Moore were hurt; The Businiss other ways Done with Safety. there were a vast Concorse of men & Children & not many Disguisd with Licquor. the Young Folks had a Dance here at Evng. Disperst at midnight. Our Saw Mill was Raisd. Robt Denisons wife Dild of a Daft by mrs Fletcher.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.