Martha Ballard's Diary, June 27 - July 1, 1788

27 6
Clear & warm. we Bakt. I helpt about house forenn, Wed flax aftern. Jona Came home after Sun Sett. Polly Savage here at noone. Robbins Sleeps here. we had 5 workmen. I was at home.  
28 7
Clear morn. Showers aftn. mrs Welch here; had 3 lb of Tow of me & 2 lb 6 oz of flax of Parthena. Jos Foster here; says his wife is not So well as Shee was. I went to See Joseph Williams; find him much as he has been. Robbins went from here. Dolly Put in a pease for Jona. we had six men to work to Day. I was at mr Williamses.  
29 E
a rainy Day. I have been at home. the Revd mr Foster absent; gone to Preach at Fairfield. mr Densmore here; Says his infant is unwell. the Speckled Cow Calvd this morn. at home.  
30 2
Cloudy. I went to See mrs Foster & mr Williams fore noon; he rode here. I went to mr Chamberlins & Doct Colmans aftnn. & was Calld at 5 to mr B. Browns. at mr Wilmss. we had Eight men to work.  
1 3
X. Birth mr Benn Browns Son. XX.
mrs Brown Safe Deld at 4 of a fine Son. I returnd at 9h morn; Left them Cleverly; receivd 6/ as a fee. it is her Sixth Child & 3d Son. my Girls Washing. Daniel Savage Junr Brot me 7 lb Sugar yesterday for attending his wife at her geting to Bed with her Last Child. we had Six men to work to Day. the Girls went to mr Williamss. Gillbreath went from here yesterday. At mr Benn Browns. it is 19 years ThisDay Since the Death of my Daft Dorothy. six mento work ys dy

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.