Martha Ballard's Diary, June 11 - 16, 1788

11 4
Clear. Sheribiah Town went from here Bound for Boston. I have been to Coln Howards. he made me a prest of a Casse bottle of wine. Esqr Adkins & his Daughters here. I was at Coln Norths, Capt Porters & mr Williamss. Son Town Sleeps here. at mr Wilmss.  
12 5
Clear. Son Town went from here. I Spoold yarn foren & went to See mrs Foster & James Weston aft, find them very Low indeed. Capt Porters inft is unwell. I Calld to See it; Left it Some Senna & manna. mr Williamss famely are poorely. I Calld there. Son Town went home. Jono went to Sinclear. at Ditoes & Capt Porter.  
13 6
Clear. I helpt about house forenn & went to mr Williamss aft. Shee took a puke. I tarried & Tended her. mrs Becky, Polly & Lidia Bisbee here. I was at mr Williamss
14 7
Clear. I wed Garden fore nn. was Calld to mr Isaac Clearks to See mrs Nancy. Shee has St. Anthonys fire; is in pain & very much worried. I Calld to See James Weston & mr Williamss famely. they Seem Som more Comfortable Except James, who is very Low indeed. at Ditoes.  
15 E
Clear & Cool. I attended public worship; went to mr Westons after meeting. James Seems a little more Comfortable; at Nr Wilmss; he is poorly; his wife unwell yet. Patty much the Same. Polly Coole there. Capt Stickny & mrs Naby Jackson publishd.  
16 2
Cloudy. I wed flax & was Calld to mr Westons. James is near Expireing. I Calld to See mr Williams, he is more unwell; his feet Swell. Shee is a little better. I Set up at mr Westons. James alterd at 10h Evn. Esqr Lion & Betsy Whelor also.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.