Martha Ballard's Diary, June 7 - 10, 1788

7 7
Clear. I was at Wilmss all Day. Sally had another very ill turn. I Came home at Evining. Left Thos Moore there. find the Girls have Cleand my house, Ephm Brot Some wood to mr Willims Thru twitihes. at Wilmss.  
8 E
Clear morn, Cloudy aftn. I went to Nr Wilmss, he Rode my hors as far as mr Chamberlins; his Dat, Sally, very ill all day. Shee had Severe fitts aftn & all night. I Tarrd, Polly Whealor also. NatL Brown taken up & interd. at Ditos.  
9 2
rainy. I was Calld home. Hannah is very unwell. I Calld Doct Colman to her asistance; he gave an Emetick which operated Kindly & gave relief. Parthena & Dolly washt. I went to mr Ws at 6h pm. we put Sally into a warm Bath which Seemed to give her Some relief. I returnd home at 9h pm, find Hannah Cleverly. mr Ballard been to Colo Duttuns, Brot home Some Stores. we had a Barril of pork Brot home yesterdy. I was Calld by Polly Wheeler to mr Wlmss to lay out the Corps of ys Dat, Sally, who Expird between Eleven & twelve ys Evng. Hannah unwell. Sally Wilms had fitts all Day. Shee Expird at 11h 30m. at Ditos.  
10 3
Clear. I Came from mr Wmss at 10h morn; laid on the Bed and took a knap. we all, Except Cyrus, attended the funeral of Sally Williams. mrs Wms Fainted after Shee returnd home. mrs Chamberlin & Anne Webb Tarry there. Sheribiah & Son Town Sleep here. Funeral of Sally Williams at 5h pm.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.