Martha Ballard's Diary, May 28 - 31, 1788

28 4
Election at Boston; very rainy. mr Ballard Came to mr Williamss for me this morn. I left them very poorly. we had veal for Breakfast; the first we have had ys Spring. I took a nap aftern. Parthena & Dolly went to See Sally. Cyrus went at Eving. Shee remains very Sick indeed. CapT Porter returnd from Bstn. Nathl Brown was Drowned.  
29 5
Clear morn; a little Shower aftern. mr Ballard been with a Committee on the Road west Side ye river. I have been to the hook, had of Colo Saml Duttun 3 pair hos @ 5/ pr pair; 2 Combs, 1/ on acount of Moses White & Thoms Kenny. Came back to Nr Williams; tarried with them till Eving. mrs Voce watches there. Sally is very Sick. Natl Brown was Drowned Last night near mr Kenndys. mrss Duttun & mrs Sewall are mending. mr Ebenz Hail Sleeps here. Polly How is mending.  
30 6
Clear. I was home foren. Roasted a Line of veal. I went to mr Wilmss at one o Clok. Sally is no Better. mrs Wms very poorly; not one of the famely well. I was Calld to mr Westons to See James who Continues very Low. mrs North there. & mrs Densmore, Anne Webb Came to mr Wms & watcht. My Girls went to mr Crages. Son Town is here. I have not Seen him as my famely were all in bed at my return. Son Town Sleeps here. Capt Porter had fitts Last night. I was at mr Wilmss
31 7
Clear part ye Day. I was Calld in hast to See Sally Wilms. Shee had a very ill turn. Her mother faintd. Thee Child revivd. I tarried all Day. Doct Emerson Calld to See it. we rubd it with vinegar, gave Clisters. I tard all night; Parthenia also. Son Town went home. I watcht at mr Willmss.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.