Martha Ballard's Diary, April 4 - 11, 1788

4 6
Snow fore nn, rain aftern. I Sett out to attend funeral of Betsy Chamberlain; met them with the Corps. Dolly & I followd as far as Colo Norths. The ice moovd and They Could not pass over ye river. Thee Corps were put into The metting house. I returnd as far as mr Williamss; Spent ye aftern there; her Children unwell. the Corps of Betsy Chamberlain lay in ye meeting hous.  
5 7
foggy. I have been at home. mr Balrd laying out a road. the remains of Betsy Chamberlain were interd at 1h pm. Jona ascisted. Hannah has been at mrs Williamss. Betsy Chamberlins remains interd.  
6 E
Cloudy. I went to meeting afternn. there were but 4 feemales Except my Self. the river open so that people Crost by water; the road very muddy. the river Open, thee Bridg is wreckt.  
7 2
Clear. theis Town mett to vote for Governers; thee annual meeting also. Parthena Barton Came here on a visit. I have been Doubling Twine yarn.   
8 3
Cloudy. Parthena & Dolly went to mr Crages & mr Westons foren, Shee went home aftern. I have been Twisting Saine Twime. Joseph Williams Came home. thee Bridg was mended.  
9 4
Cloudy. I have been twisting twine & Combing flax. Doct Coney opend the Soar on Patty Williams Throat.   
10 5
Clear. I have been at home; made 20 dz of Candles. Hannah washt. mr Ballard been at mr Pollards on Business.   
11 6
Clear. I was Calld up before Day by reason of Hannahs being unwell. her Complaint is a pain in her Left Ear which Continued till aftern. Shee had a feaver all day & faint turns. I have been Constantly nursing her. Shee Seems a little Easyer this Evinng. Mr Ballard is gone to wiscasett on Business. Joseph Williams gone to ye Docts again. Hannah is very Sick. an accident at wichcaset; mr Jack Brown Shot thro the Back.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.