Martha Ballard's Diary, March 29 - April 3, 1788

29 7
Birth mrs Hains Dafter. XX.
Clear & Windy. I am at mr Hains & his wife was safe Delivrd at 5h morn of a Datr; her 10th Child. I left her & Child Comfortable; returnd home at noone; receivd 6/. mr Porter of Wintp Dind here. mr Ballard at Son Towns yesterday; They were well.   
30 E
Clear & Cool. my Self & Dats did not attend meeting. Hannah is very unwell. I went to See Patty Williams, Shee is no Better, mrs Porter there. my son Ephraim is nine years old this day.  
31 2
Clear & Pleast. mr Ballard been to See about School. Brothr Town here; Says his Dat, Hannah, is better. Polly Savage here to work. I have been at home. Wilm Emerson here. Hannah Rode out; is some Better.   
1 3
Clear & warm. I have been doubling twine for mr Fosters Jane. I was Calld to Capt Sewalls, Lady in Travil. Walkt over ye river Safe. arivd at 8h Evng. Gillbrh Sleeps here.  
2 4
Birth Capt Henry Sewalls Daugt. XX.
Clear. mrs Sewalls women were Calld & Shee was Safe Deliverd at 7h morn of a fine Dat, and is Cleverly. mrs Pollard, Voce & I Crost on the ice. I Calld at Colo Norths & Jos Williamss. mrs Voce rode our hors to mr Chamberlins to See Betsy who is very Sick, if alive. I receivd 6/ of Capt Sewall for my Service there. There was a moose by our garden This after noon.  
3 5
Clear. I went to mr Chamberlins, found his Daugt Betsy Expird and The famely in Tears. I asisted mrs Woodward Lay out the Corps. Came home; went to mrs Williamss, Sally is Better. Jona returnd. Betsy Chamberlin Expird at 9h ys morn.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.