Martha Ballard's Diary, March 23 - 28, 1788

23 E
Cloudy fore nn, rain aftern. my Self & Dats tarried at home. Joseph Williams went to Doct Williams to be Docterd. Hannah Cool went to be his Nurs. Joseph Williams went to Doct Williams.Cyrus at meetg.  
24 2
Clear morn. mr Ballard Sett out for Varsalboro; Jona and Wilm Emerson for Winslow. mrs Savage here, Revd mr Foster here afternn, mr Weston allso. Cyrus went to mr Blakes & Bt Some Rhum. I made Some herb Tea for Hannah & Stemd her head over hott herbs, which gave her relief. Joseph Foster had 1 Bushl of Jonas potatoes. Snowd ys Eving
25 3
Clear & Cold. mr Woodward & his wife here. They Broke their Sleigh Coming Down the hill. I went to to [sic] mr Williamss to See Patty. Shee has a swelling on her throat.   
26 4
Clear & Cool. I have been at home. Hannah is no better, has a pain in her Ear. Dolly washt. mr Cumings drest flax here. Cyrus had six lb Butter of mr Reed. he had 6 lb before.  
27 5
Clear & Cold. I was Calld to mr Benn Bisbes, his wife being in Travil. I left home at 4h morn. I went to old mr Bisbes, Lidia unwell.   
28 6
X. Birth Benn Bisbes Datr. XX.
Clear. mrs Bisbe was Deliverd of a Daught at 2h this morn and is Cleverly. I returnd home at 10 am Some fatagud. Polly Bisbe rode the hors Back. my Dat, Hannah, is much Better. mr Cumings & David Wall here Drying flax. raind this night. mr Bisbe Detr to fee & Medicin Eight Shillings. I was Calld to mr Hains at 4h aft.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.