Martha Ballard's Diary, March 14 - 22, 1788

14 6
Cloudy, warm. mrs Polly Bisbe here makeing a Gown for Hannah. Gillbreath Dresing the mill. I have been at home. A hous Burnt at New Gloster & a Lad in it.  
15 7
Clear. I have been at home. mrs Weston here on a visit. mrs Woodward Calld. mr Ballard Came hom. Broth Moores Son Sherebiah is Sick. Gillbreath left here.   
16 E
Snow fell in ye night. Cloudy foren, Clear aftn. Sally White, Patty Goodin & Lucy Ney here at noone. Cyrus wint to Meeting.  
17 2
Clear. mr Ballard went to mr Pollards to make a warant for anual meeting. mrss Cool & Gordin here. old mr Cowin & wife & mr Hardin Dind here. Jona & Daniel Bolton went to ye meddow. Cafrin Drest flax here. I have been at home. Hannah unwell. Danl Robbins Sleeps here.  
18 3
Clear. mr Ballard Sett out for Varsalboro. I have been at home. Hanh is Better. Dolly got her web out & Carried Betsy Chevers Cloath home. 6 [yards]-[3] 3/4 yd. had 1 lb Sugar, 1/4 lb Tea of mrs Westons. Began to rain at 11 Evn.   
19 4
a rainy Day. I have been at home Carding Tow. Hannah Spunn. Polly is at home. Cafrin Drest flax this Day & yesterdy. Peirly Left us last Eving. a little Snow.  
20 5
Clear foren, Cloudy & shaury aft. Betsy Chever here; had some Thread. I Spun Some weak yarn. Jona Brot 1/2 a ton of hay from Deacn Emersons, and was very unwell all night.   
21 6
Clear. I spun weaking yn. I went to See James Weston. Calld at mr Pollards, Colo Norths & mr Williamss. my Girls washt. mr Cummins drest flax here.   
22 7
Clear. mr Williams & wife & Children & Hannah Cool here. Wilm Emerson Sleeps here. mr Ballard Came home much fatagud; has Brousd his legg. I have been at home. Colo North returnd.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.