Martha Ballard's Diary, March 6 - 13, 1788

6 5
Clear & not so Cold. James Cofrin Cutt wood at the Door. I have been at home. Polly Savage washt here. I paid her in flax & ashes.   
7 6
Clear & pleast. Cofrin works here. Son Town Came here; informs that Sherebiah is a little Better; his famely all well. mrs Barton is Cleverly. Peirly has been to the meddow for mr Wade. Hannah is gone to Jos Fosters to get her Shoes made. Colo Howard & old Lady, mrss Betsy and Polly, Esqr Pette, Esqr Farewel & Ladys here. mr Town & Saml Stackpool Sleep here. I have been at home. it Snows This Eving.   
8 7
Clear & pleast. Doct Colman & Lady & mrs Adkins here on a visit. Theopholus returnd from PenopScott. Dollys Shoes Brot home.   
9 E
Some Snow. The Sun Shind part of the day. mr Ballard & I attended public worship. There were Strangers at meeting. I am informd Robert Mc Causlins wife is in a low State of health.  
10 2
Snowd a little. Polly Savage Came to work for me. mr Ballard gon to Varsalbr. I have been at home. Georg Boltons wife hr.   
11 3
Clear & warm. I have been at home; am informd that the wife of Daniel Branchs was Deliverd of a Son yesterday. Goodins made also of a Daft. mr Larance, Wilm Elis remoovd out of ys Town also. Birth. 
12 4
Clear & warm. Jono, James Burton & my Dats went to Winthrop. Charls Harris was here to have his hands Drest. I gave him some Salv; he was Burnt attempting to Save his house when Burning. my Childn went to Winthp. I finisht Lucys hoes.  
13 5
Cloudy Part of ye Day. Jono & ye Girls returnd; all well at mr Porters. they went to Capt Porters this Eving. I have been at home; Bakt. mr Gilbreath Sleeps here. Capt Sewall here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.