Martha Ballard's Diary, February 26 - March 5, 1788

26 3
Jono Sett out for winslow. it Snows. Cleard of pleast at 11. mr Barton Came for me to go to winslow.   
27 4
Clear. mr Barton & I Left our House at 9 This morn; arivd at his at 3 pm. find his wife in Travil & her women Calld. mrs Spincer was there. Shee was Calld at 10 to mrs Simson. it is very Cold.   
28 5
X. Birth Luke Bartons Son. XX.
Clear & Cold. mrs Barton was Safe Deliverd of a Son at 1 this morn & is Cleverly. Sherebiah is very unwell. I tarried there this Day. Patty Town unwell. I forgave mrs Barton my fee for my attending her.  
29 6
Clear & Cold. mr Barton Conducted me home. I left them all as well as Could be Expected. we left Towns at 1 pm & arivd here at 7.   
1 7
Clear & Cold. I went to mr Westons. Polly Taylor went with mr Barton to Doct Williams to have her arm taken Care of. mr Weston made me a prest of 2 lb sugar & 1/4 of Tea.   
2 E
Clear & Cold. I went to meeting & was Calld at 6h pm to See mrs Hovey in Travil; arivd there about 7. her women were Collected Directly.   
3 2
X. Birth mr Hoveys Son. XX.
Clear & Cold. mrs Hovey was Safe deliverd of a fine Son at 1h morn. I returnd home at half after 1h pm. Left my Patient Cleverly, the Babe was not So well as I could wish. I receivd 2 lb & 10 oz of Butter and 1 lb 15 oz of Cheese in part for my fee. July 22 receivd the remainder of my fee in Butter.  
4 3
Clear & Cold. Betsy Chever here. Jono & ye Girls Rode out in a Sleigh this Evning. mr Fuller, from winslow, Sleeps here; informs me Sherebiah is very unwell yet, the rest of the folks well. Jono is 25 years old This Day.  
5 4
Clear & Cold. mr Jabez Cowens house was Consumed by fire this morn. mr Ballard Came home This Eving. I have been at home; wound quills. mr Cowens hous Burnt.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.