Martha Ballard's Diary, January 1 - 29, 1788

19 7
Clear Day. Snowd at Evinng. mr Bullins & wife & Daught Dind, Polly Savage also. Doct Cony here. mr Ballard gone to Colo Norths. I Went to mr Williams. I Sent mrs Densmore 14 pills by hr Son. Death Capt Pages infant
20 F
Stormy, Snow & Hail. mr Ballard & Jono went to mr Pollards. there was no preaching. it is very bad Stiring. Death Mrs KenyDay.  
21 2
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard at Colo Norths. I am informd That Capt Pages inft Expird 19th inst & is to be interd this Day. at home.  
22 3
Cloudy, Snowd at Evinng. I hear Henry Knowland is very Sick. I have been at home, Salted ye Pork. Seth Pitts here. I Drest his wounds. at home.  
23 4
Snowd. I have been at home. finisht my Stockins; the third pair this [for] winter. we are informd that Henery Knowland Expird this morn & is to be interd tomorro. Death Henry Knowland. at home.  
24 5
Clear & pleast. I have been at home. Revd mr Foster was here. mr Ballard went to mr Densmores. Hannah washt. thee remains of Henry Knowland interd. Funeral, Knowland at 4h pm.  
25 6
It Snowd. I was at home. mr Ballard post books.   
26 7
Clear. I have been at home. we made Some Saucages. mr Ballard after wood from mr Vaughns Land for Cyrus. Jono been to purchase a yoak of oxen of mr Jackson. was informd that John Blake Lost his hous by fire 14 inst and that Jethro Gardner his the 24th. [      ] by fire. at home ys 3 Days.  
27 F
Clear. mr Ballard & Jono went to meeting; the rest of our famely did not. at home.  
28 2
Clear. Capt Savage here. mr Ballard went with him to Deacon Emersons to prepare Some thing for the relief of mr Knowland, whose famely are sick and much Distrest. at home.  
29 3
Snowd till noon then haild & raind till near Sun Set. very Clear Evinnt. I have been at home. James Page & mr Jackson Dind here. a Pedler Sleeps here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.