Martha Ballard's Diary, November 3 - 14, 1787

3 7
Clear. I have been at home, made some mins Pies. mr Learned & Clarrisa Barton here,two Strangers also.   
4 G
Clear. I Did not atend the worship. went at Eving to See mr Foster, Sett up with him. mr Learned & Jonothan went to Brother Moores.   
5 2
X Birth. Wilm Whites Son. XX.
Clear & pleast. I Came from mr Fosters. we made 25 Dozn of Candles. mrs Voce here. Hannah is not So well as usual, I was Calld about mid night to go See Wilm Whites wife. I was very unwell. Seth Williams after me to See his wife also in travil. mrs White Safe Delivrd of a Son by ye asistance of Moses Whites wife before I arivd. I was Exceeding Sick while gone.   
6 3
X Birth. Seth Williamss Child a Son XXX.
I Came from Whites by water to mrs Westons, Calld to See her. mrs North Calld me in there, gave me Some Brandy, which gave me relief. have been on the Bed the most of ye Day. mr Lee here. Theops bee Laying a flore over ye East room. mr Porter Supt here. mr Learned Sleeps here. I am informed that Seth Williams wife was Safe Delivrd at 7 O Clok ys morn. Shee had a Son.   
7 4
Clear & pleast. mr Learned Left here Bound for home, I wish him a prospers journey.   
8 5
Clear. Son Town Came for me, I went there, we arivd at 8 O Clok Eving. mrs Hannah Emry there.   
9 6
at mr Towns, mrs Dexter there. Luke Barton & Betsy Town were Maried yesterday.   
10 7
at Son Towns & feel fatagud with my journy. old Lady Thorns funeral attended.   
11 B
at Son Towns. Peggy [Ghoun] Came there.   
12 2
at Son Towns. a snow fell.   
13 3
at Towns, helpt Lucy.   
14 4
at Towns, Lucy was Delivrd of a Dafter at 4h & 30m P.M. Birth of Son Towns Dafter.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.