Martha Ballard's Diary, October 25 - November 2, 1787

25 5
X Birth. John Cumingss Son. XX.
Clear & Pleast. I was Calld to go to John [Cumings] at winthrop at 6h 30m morn. went about 6 miles, had a fall from the hors, did not receive much hurt. was informd the Lady was Safe [Delivd] of a Son. returnd at 7h 30m. Doct Barton and famely here on their way to the westwd. I wish them a Safe pasage. Cyrus went to help them to the vesel. Capt Savages Lady here, made me a prest of 2 hand kerchiefs. Parthena Barton Sleeps here. I went to see mrs Voce ys Evinning. Capt Nichols here.   
26 6
Clear. mr Ballard went to Varsalbh, Jonon & Epm also. I have been makeing Soap & Bucking Cloath. Polly Bisbe & Hannah mc Cakney here. Revd mr Foster here today, he is unwell.   
27 7
rain this morn, wind N aftern. I have been makeing Soap, am informd ye Revd mr Foster is very Sick, has sent for Doct Williams.   
28 G
Clear morn, a Shower aftern. I attendd worship. Deacon Emerson Performd. mr Ballard went to See mr Foster at Eving, finds him poorly. mr Hamlin here.   
29 2
Cloudy, Snow at Eving. I have been Bucking yarn & knitting. Hannah Sewing. we brot in the last of our potatoes. I hear mr Foster is no Better.   
30 3
Clear. I was Calld to See mrs Weston, find her very unwell. was Calld from there to See Revd mr Foster, find him very ill. I watcht with him. raind at Evinng.   
31 4
Clear morn. I Left mr Foster at the riseing of the Sun. Calld to see mrs Weston, shee is still poorly. I have workt very hard Bucking Cloath & trying Tallow. we have killd thee old Cow this Day. Shee had 40 lb of Tallow, wt in ye whole 430. Doct Coleman Brot his wife home.   
1 5
Clear. mr Ballard been to the hook. girls washt, Foster wounded his foot. mr Hains Learned Sleeps here,informs our friends are well.   
2 6
Clear & Cold. I have been doing house work & visited mr Foster & mrs Weston, find ym very unwell. rode mr Savages hors home. workt till 11 O Clok. mr Ballard took mr Chaces oxen for taxes this Day   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.