Martha Ballard's Diary, May 3 - 8, 1787

3 5
XX Birth. Charls Cleark, Second Dafter. XX. fee receivd Oct 18th, 1788.
Clear norn. I was Calld at 6/O Clok this morn to Charls Clearks wife who is in Travil & Shee was Safe Deliverd of a Dafter at one PM. I returnd home at 5. the girls have washt & Scoured. mr Stephens Brot Pamela home. We had Pork of Jonathan.   
4 6
Clear. I have Combd 13 lb of flax. mrs Taylor & Bolton & Clarisa Barton here. mr Learned Dind. Cyrus BougT 17 lb of Veal of mrs Taylor. one of Johathans OXen fell down Dead Between here & Savages as Gillson was driveing them. he had Caried a Load of Barrils Down for mr Wiman.   
5 7
Clear. I have Combd 20 lb of flax. mrs Brown here, had 1-1/2 Bushel Ashes. I planted Garlic Seed. Dolly Sowd Some Pees. Pamela has Spunn a Skein of Linning this weak & Been to winthrop.   
6 G
X Birth. mr Danys Son . X.
Clear & warm. I went to meeting without my Cloak, went to mr Westons in intermition. was Calld out of ye meting house to go to See mrs Dany at the Hook. Put her Safe to Bed with a son, her Second Child, about 4 O Clok. returnd By water to mr Westons, walked home from there. there was a Shower. James Weston 3 years old this Day. a vesel with Famelys unLoading at mr Westons Eddy. Anderson Taylor Brot me a pair of Shoes from mr Welman for my fee for asisting his Lady.   
7 2
Rainy. I was Calld to See mrs Edson, Shee being unwell. Left home at 6 O Clok morn, tarried all night, mrs Mc Master & mrs Densmore also. we went to Bed & were not Called up. there were 11 Salmon Catchd in the Sain at Kenadys fishing place.   
8 3
I returnd at 11 O Clok morn. Left mrs Edson So well that Shee was quilling yarn for her Sister to weave. mr Learned & Sally White Dind here. mr Welman Sent me a piece of Salmon. Hannah & Dolly, Ephm & Patty attend School. Pamela went to mr Crags. our men turnd off Boards to Davis. Town meeting yesterday. Doct Coney Chosen to Represent this Town in Gen Coart. mr Carr Delegate for Convention at Falmoth or Portland.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.