Martha Ballard's Diary, January 9 - 16, 1787

9 3
Cold. mrs [Foster] gone to mr Bullins. Sally Peirce & Betsy Brown here. I Combd 4 lb flax for Jona. mr Ballard at Coart.   
10 4
Snowd this Day. mr Bullin Brot Daughter Town here from his house. Brother Moore Dind & mr Bald, Abial Lovjoy & Eph Cowen Supt here.   
11 5
Snow Storm. mr Bullen Brot his wife here. mr Ballard went to hear Coart. Daughter Towns Child very Sick. Ephm Stephens here, had 2 oz Salv, paid 1/.   
12 6
a snow Storm. I was Calld to mr Savages to See his Childn that were Sick. Doct Coney there. mr Bullin & wife went from here. I stayd at Savgs & watcht. Son Town Came here, his Childn Been unwell. at home.   
13 7
Clear. I came home, find Lucys Child very Sick, pukeing, & mr Ballard at Coart.   
14 A
Daughter Town & I tard at home. mr Town & Howard & Sisters Came here. I was Calld to Savages, mr Balld went with me. Neighr Willms & wife, & Betsy Thomas here.   
15 2
Son Town Left here. it raind. the young folks rode out, I was Calld to Savages. Set up all night, the Childn very [peavish].   
16 3
very pleast morn. Daught Town & other friends Left here for home. I went as far as mr Westons. it Snowd afternn. mrs Weston & I Setled all Between her & I,viz,for a quart of Brandy I had 9 inst and for ginger, spice, pepper & Butter on her part, 2 Days work by Dolly [ ] 2/ Due to me before [    ] which She had 9th inst.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.