Martha Ballard's Diary, November 14 - 23, 1786

14 3
Clear morn. I Came home from Hardins at 1 OClok, was iminediately Calld to See mrs Weston, Shee being very unwell. I aplyd a Blister, Batht her feet, put on a Back Plaster, returnd home at Evinng. Left her a Little Easyer. left mrs Hardin Comfortable. Shee was helpt up & her Bed made. my girls helpt mrs Pollard quilt Bed quilt. Lidia Bisbe was here after noone.   
15 4
it Snowd. Jothn Suall Built a Stove in the mill. Brother Moor & Saml Comings Dind here. I have Been at home, finisht makeing my apron & did house work. Pamila finisht Spining a woolin pease.   
16 5
Clear. I have Been at home. mr Woodward Brot us a Swine that wt 70 lb. his wife Carried Jemmy Weston home with her ys Evinng. mr Cobb & Son Sleep here. mr Ballard Brt home 1 lb of Tea.   
17 6
it Snowd. I have been at home. Mr Ballard wint to ye hoock. mr Lee here. Hannah Burnt her thumb. I Scourd my woolin yarn.   
18 7
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard Bankd ye hous. I did work about house. we Bakt Pumpkin Pies. Hannah Spun thread. Dicky went home.   
19 A
Betsy Welch bn ys Day.
Clear. mr Ballard attended worship at Deacon Emersons. Crost ye river on thee ice. the rest of our famely Staid home. Eliphelit here for Some Salve for his Legg which he Brusd.   
20 2
A Snow fell ys day. I Doubled & Twisted 14 Knotts of Thread. mr Harris Dind here. mr Leighton Sleeps.   
21 3
Clear. I mended Cyruss Coat & Ephms Trousers. mr Ballard gott wood. Dicky Came here again.   
22 4
Clear. mr Ballard gone to Survay for mr Senter. Betsy Chever here. I have been at home. it snowd at night.   
23 5
Clear. I went to See mrs Williams, her Breast is Soar. Bunker Ferwell there. I Saw a hors fall in to the river three times by ye fort wharf. the 4th attempt they got him over the river. a Snow fell this Night.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.