Martha Ballard's Diary, October 29 - November 5, 1786

29 A
A Clear, Pleast day. I attended meeting, the Sacrament adminesterd. mrs Westons Son Baptised by ye name of Samuel. mr Ballard & I went to visit ye Revd mr Foster this Evening. mrs Rebeckah Wiman & Sally Peirce here. David Nichols & mr Atwoods Son here with ye Captn. Capt Nichols here from OXford, Brogt a Letter from Brother Collins of Oct the 1st.   
30 2
a Chilly day. mr Ballard & Jonothan Surveying for mr Vaughn. mrs Woodward Calld as Shee was Carrying mr Fosters Little Son home. I have been at home. Dolly fell down Stairs and hurt her.   
31 3
Clear. mrs Woodward here, made me a presnt of a Spairrib. mr Ballard Surveying. Jono assisted him. mr Bullin here, Says mrs Bent is Better. I have been at home. Hannah washt Daniels Blankett & our Swine tore it into Strips.   
1 4
Clear & Coole. mr Ballard, Dicky & Ephm went to finish Surveying mr Vauns Lot. Jono & Bolton Butcherd a Steer. I have been unwell. ye Girls Breaking wool.   
2 5
Clear. Mr Ballard went to the hook. I have been at home mending Cloaths.   
3 6
it Snowd ys Morn, raind afternn. Mr Smily here. Mr Ballard workt about ye Dam & Bridge. I have been at home, mended Stockins. the girls Spun. Cyrus went to the hook.   
4 7
Clear morn, Cloudy aftern. I made an under Coat of ye Blankett ye Swine tore, & Bound a quilt.   
5 A
XXX Birth. Capt Springers Daft.
A Chilly air. I attinded worship. was Calld about Sun Sett to Capt Springers wife in Travil. Shee was Safe Delivd of a Dafter at 10 O Clok ys Evenng. I Sett up with her all night.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.