Martha Ballard's Diary, October 16 - 21, 1786

16 2
A Clear Day. Polly went home. mr Davis went from here with Mr Bullin. mr Ballard is takeing Valluation. ye Girls went from home at 12 O Clok to take Leav of Polly Hamlin, Shee being Bound for oxford. I wrote a Letter to Deacon Davis, 1 to Broth Collins & 1 to Sister Waters, which I Sent by them for to be Carried by mr Hamlin. I have Bakt for mr Brooks & Bakt Some mins Pies. Ben Brown workt here.   
17 3
Cloudy & Some rain. Benn Brn & Timy Woodwd here to work. mr Ballard at Doct Coneys makeing rates. Mr Hamlin & Polly Left mr Crages Bound for OXford. mr Woodwd Eat Breakfst here.   
18 4
Clear. Timy workt here. mr Ballard at Doct Coneys. mr Woodward Sleeps hr.   
19 5
Clear. mr Ballard at Doct Coneys. Josh Bullin & Rachel Faught here. Mrs Brown Calld here. Sally Peirce here to Spin Shoe thrd, Drank Tea. ye Girls washt & washt Kitchen. I piqut wool. Benn here all day. Tim 1/2 ye Day. I was Calld to See mrs Bent at half after 10 ys Evinng. went by water arivd at 12o Clok, found her very unwell.   
20 6
at mrs Bents. Shee Continued very poorly till after noon. I Slept with mrs Wiman, mrs Jackson wh mrs Bent, who rested Better than Shee has Since Shee has Been unwell.   
21 7
A fine Morn. I Left mrs Bent, Came home By water with Bill Wing & Charls Cox. mrs Williams here to Bake, Drank Tea. Benn & Timmy workt here ys Day & yesterday.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.