Martha Ballard's Diary, October 3 - 9, 1786

3 3
Clear. Clarrisa went. Jono Came from watching with mr Brown, Says he is Better; Hannah from watchng wh mrs Hodges, Shee is Better. I went to mr Porters on a visit, was at mr longs. Rhuben Cowen had 1 oz. Salv for him Self & 1 oz. for Saml Jackson, did not pay for it. november 17, Jackson paid for his Salv.   
4 4
I have been at home till 7/O Clok when Calld to Benn Browns to See him & Son Nathanl. I Sett up with him ys night. he rested very Comfortable. it raind.   
5 5
rainy. I Came home from mr Browns. Shee gave me a piece of Beef. Brely & family arivd at his Camp Last Evinng. my girls washing. mr Foster & his two Brothers here aftern. & Polly & Sally here. mr Ballard and Theohph Setled acounts.   
6 6
South wind & rain. I have been unwell.   
7 7
Birth.X mr Porters Son.XX
I am unwell Still. Mrs Brown & her Sister Higins here. Isaac Herdin had 1 oz. of Burn Salv, price 1/ which is not pd. my Girls Brueing & Scouring ye puter. the Saw mill has gone Some ys day. I was Calld To mr Porters wife at half after Seven in Eving. Shee Being in Travil and Put her Safe to Bed with a Son at half after 9/O Clok. I tarried with her all night. fee recievd.   
8 A
Clear. I was at mr Porters ys fore noon, attended Divine Servis aftern, was agreeably Entertaind with a discoarce Delivrd By Revd John Foster of Paxton.   
9 2
Clear. I did hous work foren, went to Lecter aftern. Calld to See mrs Porter, find her Exercised wh pain & Some feaver. I came home to See to my afairs. Returnd to See her at 1 0c ys Evng. Set with her & Left her more Comfortable ys morn.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.